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How to look perfect when you are short and curvy

Wanna looks perfect but being on a higher side on weight and short on height is stopping you. Not to worry !!!

There are few tricks and hacks to follow, which can make you look perfect

Choose Monochromatic / Single block of colours :

Choose outfits made up of single color they give an illusion of length, on the other hand, different colors in outfit give opposite result


V shaped neckline :

Instead of buying a round neck T-shirt or dress, opt for V-neck, as it makes your neck appear longer and hence give illusion of height


Go for dark shades :

Light color / Bright color make the covered area look larger whereas darker colors give the illusion of small area and make you look slim.use this trick to balance your body.


Vertical stripes : 

Say NO to horizontal stripes and invest in vertical stripes to look slimmer and taller


Tailored skirts and trousers:

Skinny,well-fitted jeans and trousers (Dark colored) are your best friend, don’t ever think of wearing loose pattern , no matter how much in vogue they are. Wear these trousers or jeans with a fitted shirt, flared top or long/short top.


Straight posture :

Straight posture oozes confidence and makes you look tall, so practice good posture with straight up chin, straight spine.Remember the way you carry your body can make all the difference in how your clothes look.


Boots : 

Boots can enhance hotness by 10 times, They give an illusion of long legs and slim figure.Seriously, Go and invest in good pair of boots. They are fun, sexy and something which you can wear with shorts, dresses, jeans and with almost anything.


Blazers : 

Blazers are one such thing, which can make you look stylish, sophisticated, sexy and smart all at same time.

For Petite girls and heavy girls, blazers are boon.they can lift the style quotient like anything ..5 must have blazer


Other Tips:

Wear ruched or gathered fabric on areas you want to make look smaller

Invest in some good handbags, say NO to large size bags, as they make you look smaller

Try ponytail sometimes, that make you look tall

Buy some high waist jeans, they make legs look longer..

So these are tips/hacks from my end..if you have any more ideas, then share them in the comment box.



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