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This one product can replace 10 costly makeup products

Yes, you guessed right,this is Coconut Oil.



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The same coconut oil which is generally there at our dressing table as a boring item can serve so many purposes .

I just couldn’t believe it,but  when I tried it ,results were amazing..


So let’s check out what products you need not buy if you are using coconut oil


Moisturizer :


How much important moisturising your skin is?  Very Much.

Take my case : Highly sensitive ,acne prone and dry skin : which doesn’t respond well to chemicals ;

For me coconut oil came as a boon : It gets absorbed real quickly and does not leave any greasy effect..not only it moisturises skin , it also heals it and detoxifies it



Lip balm :


Because of its moisturizer effect,it works really good as a lip don’t need to spend  money over those costly lip balms as their prolonged use leave the darkening effect on lips,which is not the case with coconut oil.


Makeup Primer :


Good Makeup starts with good primer ; Agree ?

And Coconut oil works really good as a primer,Rub a small amount over your face and then apply foundation..your foundation will look last and will look really smooth


Makeup remover:


As an excellent makeup remover ,it cleanses skin deeply and also very useful for removing eye makeup.. not only it clean makeup properly but also it nourishes eyelashes


Bath Oil :


Want a relaxing bath : add small amount of coconut oil and let it do its magic

It’s aromatic and moisturizing properties will make your skin soft and supple.



Shaving cream :


Yes, you heard it right : It can be used as a shaving cream as well : and will leave your skin smooth ,soft and most importantly no irritation and no dryness.


Eye cream :  


Whenever I thought of buying eye cream ,I was like this tiny bottle and this much cost

So I choose coconut oil over that ; It’s anti-aging,antioxidant properties make it perfect for under eye application.

It is really good in removing fine lines and dark circle


Foot and hand cream


I never understand the sense of buying an expensive foot and hand cream..when coconut oil is right there to serve their purpose.

First of all ,it leaves cuticle soft and supple because of moisturizer effect and secondly its antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it very useful as foot and hand cream


Massage oil :


As an excellent massage oil, it absorbs quickly and does its work by relaxing  healing and rejuvenating the body …

As an excellent massage oil, it absorbs quickly and does its work by relaxing  healing and rejuvenating the body …


Hair oil and serum :


In Indian households,we swear by the effectiveness of coconut oil as a hair oil..We have been using it for decades and its results are  so good.

Hot oil massage over the scalp 1-2 hours prior to hair wash can do the magic.

It conditions hairs,protects it and nourishes it , along with camphor it is a really good anti-dandruff agent as well.


So explore all these benefits of coconut oil and give your body nourishment ..and if you know any more uses of this magical oil then let me know that in the comment box.






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