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8 secrets of insanely stylish people

” Fashion can be bought ,Style one must possess -Edna W. Chase ”

You know how some people look very well put together . They are always so amazing and charismatic that everyone admires them .They walk into the room and just own it.


So what are the secrets that make some people ”So damn Stylish”


Let’s have a look at them ;

They know their body


It is really important to understand your body structure and wear clothes that complement your body.

And that is what stylish persons do.They know which body parts are their assets and how to show them off. It can be slim waist,long legs,long neck ,beautiful hairs . They dress in a way that favors their own body.


They do not blindly follow fashion trends :


Fashion trends are tricky.Not every fashion trend is worth following and flattering to your body type.

Mom jeans : Not everyone’s cup of tea, short and wide  neck : Say ”No” to choker ,Can’t walk in high heels : Go with flats

Stylish people know this and choose trends which make them feel comfortable in their own skin.


They shop wisely :


They understand that it is stupid to spend tons of money on season trends or on items which are not worth it.Instead, they spend money on timeless and classic pieces .Like a nice blazer, a good watch ,well-fitted trousers ,white shirt or on items which can be worn on multiple occasions.


They wear fitted clothes


To achieve that polished look stylish people always wear well tailored and altered clothes .They understand that nothing can dim your shine as ill-fitted clothing.


They don't accessorize much


They religiously follow thumb rule for accessories ”Less is more ” .They wear accessories for fun and playful look but keep numbers minimum to avoid cluttered and confused look.


Killer body language and confidence


They understand that style comes from self-confidence and if something makes you feel uncomfortable then it is not worth wearing.and That is why whatever they wear they carry it with such an ease.

Stylish people are always the owner of an extraordinary body language ,which makes them instantly likable to others and helps them achieve the polished and graceful look.


They don't go overboard with makeup 


They never underestimate the power of balancing ,be it clothing or makeup. If their outfit is flashy they will go easy on the makeup.With heavy eye makeup, they will choose light lip color and vice-versa.

They follow the same rule in makeup as well ”highlighting those areas which are their assets ” It may be eyes,lips,cheekbones .


They take care of themselves


They know that taking good care of your physical as well as mental well-being is the first step towards being stylish. hence they are always well-groomed with nice hair cut,toned body ,glowing skin. And that is why they look stylish even while wearing a faded a t-shirt and jeans .


So these are all the secrets which I have gathered.


I would love to hear more secrets.Let me know in the comment box.



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